H.R.H. The Duke of York

His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Frederick Arthur George, Duke of York. Was affiliated into Lodge Glamis No.99 in the Province of Forfarshire on 2nd June 1936

HRH Duke of York





Minutes from the Lodge of Glammis No.99 for the event.

A Special Meeting of Lodge Glamis No 99 was held in the Masonic Hall here on Tuesday the 2nd of June 1936 at 2-30 pm.
In attendance were:- Bro. J. Beattie, R.W.M., Bro. W, Bailie, I.P.M., Bro. F. Wilkie DM., Bro. C. Kennedy, S.M., Bro. J. Cameron, 8.W., Bro. F. Sime, J.W., Bro. D. Simpson, Sec., and other office bearers, members and visitors per attendance book,

The Lodge being thus duly constituted it was opened in the E.A. degree by the R. W.M.
Present at this meeting were:-Bro. W. Harvey, P.G.M., Bro. T.G. Winning, Grand Secretary, along with a deputation of P. G.L. office­-bearers and many visitors from different lodges, the occasion being the affiliation of H.R.H. the Duke of York.
The R. W.M. extended a very hearty -welcome to all the visitors then asked the P.G.M., Bro. William Harvey to accept the mallet of office. The P.G.M. thanked the R. W.M. for his kindness but as this was not an official visit he asked the R. W.M. to keep it. The Lodge was then passed to the F. C. Degree and raised to the H & S degree of MM.

The R.W.M. asked the deacons to retire and see if the candidate was in waiting when, on the report from the S.D., that H.R.H. the Duke of York was in waiting he was duly admitted and received the obligation as an affiliate member of The Lodge of Glamis No 99 by the R. W.M, Bro. James Beattie.
The R. W.M, then presented H.R.H. with a dress apron of the Lodge colours also a copy of the Lodge bye-laws, specially bound in the colours of the Lodge.
Bro W. Harvey P. G.M. presented H.R.H., our new member, with (he G.L. Diploma registering him as a member of the Scottish Craft. He also welcomed him in the name of the G.L. ofS.. the P.G.L. of Forfarshire and the Lodge of Glamis No 99. H.R.H. was then given 3 times 3, which the R. W.M. explained to him was a real Scottish Masonic Welcome.

H.R.H. gave a few remarks to the Brethren present, saying that it was his own decision to become a member of Lodge Glands No 99, which gave him another close link with the Home of Gl amis. He also appreciated the kindness shown him in the lodge today which was greatly welcomed by all present.

On Bro. H.R.H. The Duke of York, along with the R. W.M., the P.G.M., G. Sec., G. DoC ., P.G. Sec,, along with the P.M.s of the Lodge and the deputation of P.G.L. officers retiring from the Lodge Room, Bro. D. Prophet, R.W.M. of Lodge 90, also an honorary member of this lodge, took the Chair and reduced the Lodge from MM. to F.C. and then to E.A. There being no further business, the Lodge was duly closed.


From the Courier and Advertiser 1st December 1936 - When H.R.H. The Duke of York was installed as Grand Master Mason in Edinbugh.

2500 Masons see Duke installed

Scotland’s welcome to new Grand Master

Message from the King


Over 2500 Freemasons were present at the installation of the Duke of York as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh yesterday.

The installation was attended by a worldwide representation of Freemasonry, including delegates from as far away as the Fiji Islands.

Sir Iain Colquhoun, the retiring Grand Master, presided. The Duke of York was ushered onto the platform to the music of the pipes.

Those on the platform included the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, and Earl of Cassillis. Past Masters present included the Duke of Atholl, the Earl of Stair, the Earl of Elgin, Lord Belhaven and Stenton, Lord Saltoun, and Sir Robert Gordon Gilmour.

Birthday Party

Sir Ian Colquhoun  said that on this occasion they commemorated the founding of their Grand Lodge 200 years ago, and His Royal Highness had come to take charge of their Birthday party.
He assured his Royal Highness of the deep personal pride which every Mason working in their constitution felt on his installation as head of the craft in His Majesty’s Kingdom of Scotland. His Royal Highness would find  undivided allegiance, loyalty and support from Grand Lodge, and he hoped he would find profit, friendship and happiness in his work.
The Duke of York said he had received the following telegram from the King: - “Please express to the Scottish Freemasons and the visiting brethren assembled in Edinburgh my sincere thanks for their loyal and fraternal greetings.”

His first words after his installation as Grand Master mason of Scotland must be to convey to them his appreciation of the high honour which had been conferred on him. He would also like to thank the brethren for their wonderful welcome. He was delighted to see this great gathering of Scottish Freemasons, and he wished to say how pleased they were to welcome the distinguished brethren representing sister Grand Constitutions and their own Lodges who had come from all parts of the world to celebrate the bi-centenary of the Grand Lodge. (Cheers)

Grand Office Bearers

His Royal Highness intimated that he had appointed Brig-Gen. Sir Norman A. Orr Ewing, Bart. Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire as Grand Master Depute, and Viscount Traprain as Substitute Grand Master. These two brethren and and the following other Grand Office bearers were installed by Sir Iain Colquhoun and invested with their regalia by the new Grand Master:-
Captain J.C. Stewart, Senior Grand Warden
Dr. R.T. Halliday, Junior Grand Warden
T.G. Winning, Grand Secretary
Leonard Melrose, Grand Treasurer
Right Rev. Harry Seymour Reid, Bishop of Edinburgh, Senior Grand Chaplain
Rev G. K. Sturrock Clarke, Junior Grand Chaplain
The Earl of Galloway, Senior Grand Deacon
Thomas Hart, C.A., Junior Grand Deacon
R. J. Walker, Grand architect
C.G. Russell, Grand Jeweller
Dr. Douglas L.G. Radford, Grand Bible Bearer
James S.M. Grieve, Grand Director of Ceremonies
Dr. J. Hamilton Birrell, Grand Bard
Lieut Col J.G. Robertson, Grand Sword Bearer
T. Paterson Lamb, Grand Director of Music
W. Martin Hobkirk, Grand Organist
James Robertson, Grand Piper
Peter Ferguson, Grand Marshal
Lieut- Col Philip G.M. Skene, Grand Inner Guard
Alexander Gillies, Grand Tyler

While the ceremony was proceeding the Duchess of York attended a tea party given by Mrs Gumley, the Lady Provost of Edinburgh, to the wives of the visiting delegates.

Dundee Evening Telegraph – 6th May 1937
Grand Lodge Bicentenary

Commemorative Bronze Panels Suggestion

A quarterly communication was held in the Freemasons’ Hall, George Street, Edinburgh this afternoon.
The Bicentenary committee recommended that two bronze heraldic commemorative panels be obtained, that bonuses be given to the Grand Lodge staff, and that the balance of the bicentenary fund be invested and the annual interest be made available for the entertainment of overseas guests.
The Earl of Stair was re-appointed Grand Master of Galloway.
It was agreed to present a gift to Mr Ivor Iain Colquhoun, the son and heir of the immediate Past Grand Master, who recently attained his majority.

King’s Resignation

The minute of Grand Committee stated that Sir Iain Colquhoun intimated that by command of the Grand Master Mason he was authorised to advise Grand Committee of His Majesty’s resignation from the office on his accession to the Throne.
Sir Iain also stated that while the brethren regretted that His Majesty’s accession entailed his resignation from active participation in the craft they would be ever grateful for the splendid manner in which, as Duke of York, he carried out his duties during the bicentenary of Grand Lodge, and for the honour which he had conferred on Scottish Freemasonry by his installation as Grand Master Mason.

Edinburgh Castle Banquet

The visiting brethren were entertained in the evening to a banquet in the old banqueting Hall of Edinburgh Castle, the new Grand Master presiding over a company of 200.
The only toast pledged was that of “The King.” Gold replicas of the bi-centenary jewel were presented to the Duke of York, Sir Iain Colquhoun, and Brother F.W. Fell Clark, chairman of the bi-centenary committee.
The party from the Castle went on to a large gathering of Freemasons assembled in the Music Hall, George Street. A great welcome was accorded to His Royal Highness when he entered the hall headed by the Grand Piper.
The earl of Donoghmore, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, proposed “The Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Master Mason.”

King’s Good Wishes

The Duke of York in replying read the following message from the King – “I am very pleased to know that you have been installed as Grand Master Mason of Scotland in the Usher Hall. Had it not been for my accession to the Throne the task you are taking would have fallen to my lot. But I am delighted that you have been elected to fill my place.
I wish you all success in the office, and I would ask you to convey to the members of the Scottish Fraternity my best fraternal wishes and congratulations on the attainment of their bi-centenary.” 

Continuing, His Royal Highness said that over £10,000 had been subscribed to meet the extraordinary expenditure in connection with the bi-centenary celebrations. Every Lodge in Scotland had had subscribed and many oversees. He hoped that from the balance which would result that Grand Lodge would be able to give each of their annuitants and extra grant to mark this special occasion.

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