The Provincial Grand Lodge of Forfarshire Consecration Vessels

Up until 1901 any consecrations that took place in the Province entailed borrowing consecratiConsecration Vesselson vessels from Grand Lodge. This involved having them sent by train, and of course having them returned to Edinburgh. To save the bother that this arrangement entailed, the then Depute P.G. Master, Brother the Honorable Charles M. Ramsay on the 31st August 1901 proposed a ‘Notice of Motion’ – “That Provincial Grand Lodge obtain a set of consecration vessels for its own use in consecration services”, the motion was seconded by Bro. A.C. Anderson, P.G. Secretary. At the Quarterly Communication of P.G. Lodge held in Lodge Panmure No. 299 on Wednesday 23rd October 1901the motion was discussed in the following terms: - “Bro. The Hon. C. M. Ramsay in terms of his ‘Notice of Motion’ moved that the P.G. Lodge obtain a set of vessels for its own use in consecration services. In doing so he referred to the unfortunate delay whereby the Grand Lodge vessels were not in time for the Cortachy ceremonial (the monument on Tulloch Hill).

A Provincial Grand Lodge of such importance as that of Forfarshire aught not to rely upon Grand Lodge or outside aid for the necessary vessels. It was a question whether P.G. Lodge should pay the whole expence or whether each Lodge in the Province should be asked to assist. The cost might be from £10 upward and if in silver about £30. The P.G. Secretary seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously agreed to and it was, on the suggestion of Bro. Ramsey remitted to the standing committee to be dealt with, with powers. It was generally thought that the articles should be of sterling silver and that the Lodges should be asked to subscribe as Lodges. At the meeting of the Standing committee of Provincial Grand Lodge held within the new premises of Lodge Thistle Operative No. 158 in Peter Street, on Friday 12th September 1902.

The P.G. Master explained that the meeting was called to consider designs and offers for Consecration vessels. The P.G. Secretary submitted three sets and designs and there having been gone carefully over, the meeting gave choice of the design submitted by Mr. James Ramsay, Jeweller, High Street, Dundee (he was also P.G. Jeweller) as being most suitable. It was considered that the appearance of the vessels would be much enhanced by the addition of covers to them and that it would be necessary also to procure a case or cases in which to keep the vessels. On the motion of the P.G. Master it was remitted to a committee consisting of Bro. Sprunt, Bro. Secretary and Bro. Treasurer, to arrange and settle details and price out to complete acceptance of the offer and purchase and to pay the price and generally with powers.

The subscription sheet was gone over and in several instances it was thought that increases to the amounts might reasonable be made. It was agreed that meantime any deficiencies should be met from the Lodge funds.   At the Quarterly meeting of P.G. Lodge held in Lodge St. Vigean No. 101 on Wednesday 29th October 1902, that with reference to the purchase of the two solid silver vases and silver mounted cornucopia, which was displayed in the hall, the P.G. Treasurer (Bro. David Dundas) reported that the total cost including case would come to about £45, that he had already collected £36 12/-, that some of the Lodges had given second donations and that he still hoped that the balance required could be made up. The Consecration vessels were used for the first time at the consecration of the new premises for Lodge Thistle Operative No. 158, 23 Peter Street, off Murraygate, Dundee on Wednesday the 19th November 1902.   Since then the vessels have been in constant use in all the Consecration ceremonials throughout the Province. They are presently kept in a bank vault..

Consecration Vessel 1
Consecration Vessel 2
Consecration Vessel 3
For Wine
For Corn
For Oil


©by Iain D. McIntosh, 2014
Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master


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