1841 - Concerning Lodge Camperdown No. 317

1841 August 13

Unto the Honorable the
Dean of Guild of the
Burgh of Dundee
Petition of the
free and accepted Camper-
down Mason Lodge and Friend-
ly Society of Dundee and
of James Langlands Treasurer
of said Lodge for behoof
thereof in terms of Section 13
10 George IV Cap 56

Humbly Sheweth
That the Petitioners are proprietors of a tenement of land, up and down high and lagh, back and fore, lying on the Northside of the Overgate of Dundee in the east closs of houses, which formerly belonged to Amelia Paterson daughter of the deceased Thomas Paterson, Merchant in Dundee the same is more particularly bounded and described in the Deposition in the Petitioners favor herewith produced.
That the Petitioners intend to take down said tenement and to rebuild it in terms of the Plans herewith produced.
That the conterminous proprietors are David Duncan formerly Brewer in Dundee now residing there William Sime Cabinet maker Dundee. William Lowden, residing in Hilltoun Dundee, Thomas Cuthbert Coachbuilder Dundee and David Hutchison Grocer Dundee. The present application has therefore become necessary.

May it therefore please your Lordship to appoint this Petition to be served upon the said David Duncan, William Sime, William Lowden, Thomas Cuthbert and David Hutchison and also to William Johnston Esquire Senior Bailie of the Burgh of Dundee for the public interest, and them to be cited to lodge Answers thereto, if they any have, within a short space after service with Certification; And on again considering hereof, and after your Lordship visits the property, to grant warrant to the petitioners to take down said property and to rebuild the same in terms of the Plans herewith produced And if it be necessary for that purpose, to Authorise them to enclose so much of the Closs, by which it is bounded on the West, or so much of the Overgate street from which the said property has entrance, under the usual conditions; And in the event of any of the parties opposing this Application to find the party so opposing liable in the expenses which may be occasioned by such opposition, or otherwise to do as to your Lordship may seem proper.
According to Justice
Drawn by John Anderson

Dundee 13 March 1841
The Dean of Guild appoints the petition with this deliverance thereon to be intimated to the Defenders herein named and designed and them to lodge Answers thereto in the office of the Clerk of Court within forty eight hours after service with Certification.
Robt Adamson D.G.

Dundee 17 March 1841
I hold the foregoing Petition as duly intimated to me having received a full double hereof.
David Duncan

Upon the Eighth day of March Eighteen hundred and forty one years between the hours of eight and ten o’clock at night By virtue of the foregoing Deliverance of the Dean of Guild of Dundee pronounced on the preceding Petition at the instance of the herein designed The Operative free and accepted Camperdown Mason Lodge and Friendly Society Dundee and of James Langlands Treasurer of said Lodge for behoof thereof in terms of section 13 10 George IV C.56 I James Watson Dean of Guild officer Dundee passed and lawfully intimated the said Petition and Deliverance to each of the also herein designed William Sime, Cabinet maker Dundee, William Lowden formerly Carter residing in Hilltoun Dundee, Thomas Cuthbert Coach Builder Dundee, David Hutchison Grocer there and William Johnstone Esquire Senior Bailie of the Royal Burgh of Dundee on behalf of and as representing the Magistrates and Toun Council of said Burgh for the Public interest and require them to lodge Answers thereto, if they any have, in the office of the Clerk of Court within forty eight hours after service with Certification. Full doubles of said Petition and Deliverance with Just Copies of Intimation and requisition to the effect foresaid subjoined I delivered into the hands of the said Thomas Cuthbert and David Hutchison personally and for the said William Johnston Esquire, William Sime and William Lowden I left in the hands of a Servant within their respective dwelling houses to be given to them as I could not find themselves personally, all which doubles as aforesaid were each page signed by me and did bear the date hereof and contained the names and designations of John Fraser and Thomas Oliphant Watson both residenters in Dundee Witnesses present at the sail premises and hereto with me subscribing this and the preceding page.
James Watson
John Fraser Witness
Thomas Oliphant Watson Witness

Dundee 20th March 1841
The Dean of Guild Appoints a visitation of the subjects mentioned in the petition to take place on Wednesday the 21st Current at eleven o’clock forenoon.
Robt Adamson D.G.

Dundee 27th April 1841
The Dean of Guild having resumed consideration of the Petition and having visited and inspected the property therein mentioned and heard parties thereanent Grants warrant to the Petitioners to take down said property and to rebuild the same in terms of the corrected plans now in process and which are subscribed by the Clerk of Court as relative hereto. Allows the Petitioner the use of the close on the Westside of their property to the extent of three feet all the length of said property and on the Overgate street to the extent of nine feet from the Curb stones of the pavement opposite to the Close leading from said Street to the Petitioners property for the purpose of laying down materials, the space of the said Overgate street herby allowed to run from the West pillar of William Murdoch’s Shop door to the east pillar of David Coopers Shop on both sides of said Close. Appoints the Petitioners to enclose the space of said close allowed to them with a close wooden railing and to enclose the space of said Overgate Street on both sides with a railing of the same description, leaving an open space in said railing on the North side for removing their material to the close, the said pavement to be kept clear for the protection of passengers and access to the said Shops which the Petitioners operations are going on. Ordains them to keep the said railing in Good repair until their operations are completed and for the purpose of enabling said operations allows them (blank) weeks from this date. Appoints the petitioner to place lamps at each corner of said railings and to keep them lighted from sunset each night to sunrise the following morning.


Account of Expenses Incurred by William Lowden
Carpenter Dundee
In Application by Camperdown Lodge
served upon him & others
To Bell & Neish Writers

March 15
Attendance with Mr Lowden today & thereafter attendance with him and Mr P. Dand regarding application by Camperdown Lodge to Dean of Guild, a Copy of which has been served upon Mr Lowden
3. 4
3. 4
  Agency entering appearance
7. 0
  Borrowing Disposition in favor of the Lodge & fee  
1. 6
  Entering Caveat against farther procedure the productions mentioned in the Petition and having been lodged
3. 6
  Trouble perusing Disposition in favor of the Lodge, and attendance with Mr Dand thereanent &c
3. 4
3. 4
April 30 Borrowing plans & fee
1. 6
  Attendance with Mr P. Dand going over plans when he pointed out various objections to the same &c
-. -. -
  Agency of Interlocutor appointing a visitation &c
3. 6
1. 0
21 Attendance today and going along to property to inspect the same, and attendance during the visitation by he Assessor &c when various alterations upon the plan were suggested on behalf of Mr Lowden and agreed to be made on the part of the Lodge
10. 0
5. 0
  Making out Account
1. 0
  Attending Auditor
1. 0
  Paid Auditor
3. 6
  Agency of Interlocutor approving of plan decerning for Expenses &c
0. 3. 6
2. 1. 8
22 Paid Mr Peter Dand Builder for his trouble in regard to the correction of the plan attending visitation &c as p acct and receipt lodged herewith
1. 1. 0
10. 6
3. 2. 8
1. 3. 2
1. 3. 2
1.19. 6


Innes Duffus, Archivist to the Nine Trades of Dundee


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